Sommerlund's well-equipped production facilities cover over 1700 m2 and our highly qualified personnel are capable of solving all metalworking tasks. 

We are renowned for the quality of our work and for always meeting delivery deadlines. Since 1977, we have designed and constructed large steel moulds for the concrete industry, including on-site installation and commissioning. 


We are also specialist manufacturers of many other types of steel structures, such as girders, bridges, portals, etc., and are experts in traditional metalworking. 

We provide the agricultural sector with: Steel girders, slatted floor moulds, silo gratings and slurry tank moulds. 

We take pride in providing customised iron and steel-working solutions - and always at very competitive prices. 

Depending on the nature of the project, we will be delighted to assume responsibility as prime contractor or subcontractor. 


We can now offer complete, tailor-made casting equipment which meet all requirements on CE marking and comply with DS/EN ISO 3834-3 and EN 1090-2. 

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We perform a wide range of subcontracting work within cutting, sawing, milling, drilling, rolling, punching and bending. 

We can cut, bend, roll, punch, saw or mill the following dimensions:
Task Specifications
Cutting: 13 x 4300 mm and 10 x 4300 mm stainless plates
Milling: 1450 x 700 x 4000 mm
Rolling: Ø 245 mm L 2500 mm
Bending: From 0.5 mm to 13 mm in thickness and up to 4 m in width.
We can also bend up to 20 mm in thickness and 2000 mm in width
Punching: From Ø 5 mm to Ø 50 mm
Sawing: Up to Ø 400 mm


Machine park

Machine Specifications
Bending press: 320 ton (4075 mm)
Bending press: 150 ton (3700 mm)
Cutting machine: 13 x 4300 mm and 10 x 4300 mm stainless plates
Milling machine: 1450 x 700 x 4000 mm
Planing machine: 600 x 400 x 3000 mm
Rolling machine: Ø 240 L = 1950 mm
Punching machine (Mubea): Ø 5 to Ø 51
Band saw (large): 400 x 400 L = 16,000 mm
Band saw (small): 320 x 300 L = 10,000 mm
CNC milling: DMG Mori DMC 800 V eco, 4-axis
DMG Mori DMC 1035 V
CNC turning: DMG Mori, CTX 310 EcoØ240 x 380mm, UR-robot
DMG Mori, CLX 550 Ø450 x 1250mm
Gildemeister, CTX 410, Stanglader